Who next?


With a World Cup qualifying campaign only a couple of months away, the FA will now set about the task of appointing Roy Hodgson’s successor.

In my opinion any national team manager should be of that particular nationality so I have only considered below the English options.

Gareth Southgate – please no, with or without Glenn Hoddle as a mentor. Southgate has proved nothing as a manager. Relegated with Middlesborough, average record with U21s. Probably better than Stuart Pearce but only just.

Glenn Hoddle – A fair few people seem to be rewriting history on the Glenn Hoddle front. He did OK in the 1998 World Cup (losing to Argentina on penalties in the last 16) but then had a disastrous start in the Euro 2000 qualifiers and his abhorrent comments about disabled people were a good excuse for the FA to move him on. He’s a nutjob, not a very nice man, a poor man manager and overrated as a tactician. 3-5-2 wasn’t really groundbreaking at the time and he has been out of the management game for too long to go straight back into the England job.

Alan Pardew – No interest. Egomaniac and has a poor disciplinary record. Only manager i know that has head butted a player on the opposing team (David Meyler) and also has pushed a linesman.

Harry Redknapp – I strongly believed that Harry Redknapp would have been the best man for the job when Hodgson was appointed in 2012 and I don’t see why he couldn’t do it now. He’s a fantastic man manager (which is crucial in international football) and has a track record of getting the best out of his players, very much in the mould of Terry Venables who got us as far in a tournament than any manager since 1966. He would no doubt take the shackles off and play some attacking football. Regardless of whether we enjoy success, it would be entertaining.

Sam Allardyce – I wouldn’t be averse to Big Sam *puts tin helmet on*. He’s a very successful club manager, he’d certainly have the courage in his convictions to pick players based on merit rather than reputation and has proved he is able to formulate and execute a game plan. He’s wrongly labelled as a long ball merchant – his teams are physical and direct but he’s more accomplished and tactically astute than just “lump it up to the big man”. His current “big man” is Jermain Defoe, which indicates a different style.

Eddie Howe – if we are to appoint a young manager then Eddie Howe would be my pick. Has done an outstanding job at Bournemouth and hasn’t had enough credit for it. Little experience of managing big name players but I’d back the FA if they took a gamble on him.


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  1. Alex says:

    Darrell Clarke?


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